Religious Education Now Enrolling!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we launch into another exciting year, we consider it a privilege to partner with you in your child(ren)’s faith journey.  We look forward with excitement, to all this year has in store as we continue to inspire within them, a deeper relationship with Christ and our Church in ways they will find both fun and stimulating.

Parents continue to remain the primary educators and role models in their child(ren)’s spiritual journey. Our role is to assist and support you in raising faith-filled Catholic stewards, while also inspiring within your children the formation of character and values, as they mature spiritually and develop a richer understanding and appreciation of their faith.  Without your support and commitment, we could not be successful in achieving these goals.

It has been proven that children and youth who grow up with strong religious formation, are able to adapt better and deal more successfully with challenges within various aspects of their lives.  They gain a wisdom and fortitude to sort out problems more easily and often make wiser choices, as compared to those without Religious Education formation (

For those children not attending Catholic School, it is highly recommended they are enrolled in Religious Education classes beginning in Kindergarten, and continuing on through Tenth Grade.   Each year builds upon the previous one in developmentally age-appropriate ways.  Through your family’s ongoing commitment to your child(ren)’s spirituality, it reinforces and sends the message that their faith is a priority!

And importantly, we couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers.  We truly value each and every one of them!  Please consider becoming a part of our Religious Education Family, as we’d love to have you and the rewards are endless!  We encourage you to sign up using the online Volunteer Form.  For full-time catechists, we will happily waive one child’s registration fees in appreciation.

Thank you again for entrusting your child(ren) into our care as your partners in faith.  It is an honor that our Clergy, Staff and Catechists treasure and take seriously.  As the start of the Religious Education year draws nearer, you will be receiving various communications highlighting important class information and this year’s Religious Education schedule.

However, should you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at (714) 974-2053.  We’d love to speak with you and are here to help!

Faithfully Yours,

Patty Weller
Director of Religious Education

Patti Sarnecki
Administrative Assistant, Religious Education

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