Religious Education News

It’s Not Too Late to Join our Religious Education Family

Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten Sunday School Classes Have Begun!

Miss Misty and Miss Armi’s Kindergarteners are “Busy Bees,” as they launch into a Bee-themed year! “Bee Someone for God” and “Bee-Attitudes” are just 2 of the fun and inspirational themes they’ll be teaching and modeling this year.  For those families with children attending Preschool, Pre-K or Kindergarten and who have not yet registered for Sunday School, we still have room and we’d LOVE to have you. Classes are held on Sunday during the 10am Mass and provide a great way for your children to fall in love with their faith and learn about God in fun and interactive ways. This early foundation sets the stage for a life-long love of God and our Church. Thank you to all our PS, Pre-K and Kindergarten catechists; you’re “Bee-Utiful!” For more information or to register, please contact the Religious Education Office at 714.974.2053.


We’re Still Looking for a Few Catechists and Aides

It’s through bringing a child closer to God and inspiring him/her to embrace their faith, that we make a difference in their lives and leave an incredible mark on the world. It’s a role that matters! We are in need of a few catechists and aides to join our Religious Education Ministry for the upcoming 2017-2018 School Year. Catechizing children is such a fun and rewarding way to use the gifts God has given us, and to inspire our students to do the same. No experience or special training are required; simply a love of God, a fire for our faith, and a desire to communicate it to children in a fun and interactive way, are all you need! Training, curriculum and teaching materials will be provided. To learn more about ALL that awaits you through this ministry, please contact us in the Religious Education Office at (714) 974-2053.

Children’s Liturgy has begun and the kids are loving it!

Mrs. Gaby kicked off the year in faith and friendship as we welcomed in our first Children’ Liturgy group for this Religious Ed Year. All children of our parish, Grades 1-6, are invited to participate in “Children’s Liturgy of the Word” each Sunday during the 8:30 and 10:00am Masses. Our amazing catechists guide them through the readings and gospel message at a language level they can understand. Children are dismissed from Mass along with our catechists, and meet in the classrooms. During the 10am Mass, kids are divided into 2 groups (Grades 1-3 and 4-6) so that the lessons are taught in more age-appropriate ways, allowing them to better relate to the week’s gospel message, embrace it and take it forward in more meaningful ways. Children are welcome to join anytime; no registration is necessary and is FREE for every child! Thank you to all our Children’s Liturgy Catechists. You are awesome and make Mass so much fun for our parish children!!

A BIG Thank You to our Catechists, Aides and Volunteers!

Religious Education and Children’s Liturgy Classes are well underway and life is as it should be! It’s been so great to have our parish children, catechists, aides, and parents back on campus growing in faith together, one San Antonio Family! The campus is a flurry of activity and energy as our parish children make new friends and reconnect with those from last year. Stay tuned to the bulletin for some great pics highlighting all the fun. A big thank you to all of our parishioners serving as catechists, aides, and volunteers within our ministry this year. It is through these special ambassadors for Christ that our children develop a more rich and meaningful relationship with God. Our parish is blessed by each and every one of you! Please do keep our Religious Ed families, catechists, aides, and volunteers in your prayers as we embark on another amazing faith-filled year.

It’s Not Too Late to Register for Religious Education Classes

Come join us! We’d love to have you! There are a few remaining openings in several Religious Education classes, so it’s not too late to register! We have a great year ahead and several fun events and activities planned to complement and support our classroom catechesis. For more information on class availability, please contact Patti Sarnecki in the Religious Education Office at (714) 974-2053.