Family Assistance Food Collection

DECEMBER 16 & 17, 2017, Sunday

Family Assistance has identified the third Sunday of each month for the collection of food from parishioners attending Mass. Donated food is distributed to families in need from the Ministry’s Food Pantry on Thursday afternoons. No one is turned down. To service the need of the families who seek food from our pantry, we need at least 200 bags of food every month. This feeds approximately 800 people per month. This number has almost doubled during the past year, and, our need for food assistance continues to increase. We are no longer providing the blue bags, as they are not coming back filled. You can use any type of bag or container you wish.

The third Sunday of each month is also Green Envelope Sunday. Your donations from the green envelopes are the source of funds that enable Family Assistance to provide financial aid to working poor families and families at risk of becoming homeless. Should you have any questions, please contact Mike Weller at (714) 974-9728. Thank you for your generous support!