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Finance Council and Reports

The Finance Committee serves as an advisory board to the Pastor regarding the raising and expenditures of funds to increase stewardship, endowments, increasing envelope usage and on financial matters that need to be reviewed. The Finance committee meets quarterly, providing advice and research to the Pastor, and possible fund raising activities.


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Sunday Collections

Your Sunday donation helps sustain the many ministries of our parish such as Religious Education, Youth Ministry, Young Adults as well as our priests and employees’ salaries and benefits, utilities, taxes, church and office supplies and ongoing repair work, upgrades, etc. to our parish facilities. Your continued participation is needed for the good of San Antonio de Padua Parish and the spread of the Gospel. Thank you for your generous financial support.


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Finance News

Pastoral Service Appeal 2017 - UPDATE

Totals as of: March 20, 2017  Total parishioner participation goal:   2,000 Total Parishioner participation: 423 Parish Goal: $138,000 Total pledged: $267,064 Total payments received: $212,410 Thank you to all of the families who have prayerfully and generously made a pledge to the 2017 Pastoral Services Appeal to support the mission of our church to teach, […]Read More »

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