Then & Now: Day Family

Garry & Glenda Day:

Our story begins in 1974 when we moved to Anaheim & encountered Fr. Seamus who politely told us we needed to go to this new parish in the hills even though we were in another parish, technically. We started attending St. Coyote/El Rancho school every Sunday and our daughter was asked to help Connie Burchitt with donuts after Masses for about 3 years. Because of this, we were told that we would be on the “Welcoming Committee” with Mike and Connie Burchitt to peruse the neighborhood to invite people who had no parish to come give us a try. It worked, look at us today!

Our children have been Confirmed, married, annulled, funerals, and now grandchildren are taking part in Sacraments at San Antonio. We were one of the first families to start the funnel cake/pastry booth using electric fry pans from garage sales. We were also one of 3 couples to start the Eucharist Ministry to Sick program for many, many years.

We would not be able to write this story if not for Fr. Seamus, Deacon Doug, Sister Jan, and all the previous priests of our parish as well as our friends of many years. May God continue to Bless all and guide us for 40 more! Envelope #199