Then & Now: Schulze Family

Schulze Family:

In 1978, we were living in the St. Norbert area and I was teaching at St. Joseph’s in Placentia, so I attended Mass in both places. After it was announced that a new parish had been formed, I went to San Antonio a few times. When I decided I wanted to be a lector, I volunteered at all three churches. San Antonio was the only one to even call me back, and I happily signed up, then joined the new parish. I have served as a lector on and off since then.

A Fr. Seamus tribute:
When our older son was in kindergarten (1988), we thought about sending him to Catholic school. He took the test for St. Norbert’s and did well. However, they said preference was given to their own parishioners, so he was at the bottom of the list of 60 applicants for 40 spots. I mentioned this to Fr. Seamus, and he immediately asked if I wanted to change our donations to the other parish, so that we would be considered members. We did not, and our kids ended up at public school, which was fine, but I was impressed with Father’s response. He put the good of our family over the financial impact to his own parish.