Then & Now: Gutierrez Family

Phil and Cora Gutierrez:

We came from our old parish St. Irenaeus to San Antonio. The initial small size of San Antonio gave us a rare chance to develop and grow spiritually along with the equally young members of the parish under the benevolent guidance of our beloved founding pastor, Father Seamus who still remembers the names of our children.

The impetus to start the Filipino food booth at the Fiesta started with Filipino friends at St. John Vianney and we in turn inspired the Filipino parishioners at St. Martins to do the same. The booth initially started with parish members donating food prepared at home but soon became too big.

On the very first day of our very first participation in our church fiesta in 1980, not having any idea how much demand there will be for the Filipino food, we brought along a portable barbecue grill & a few barbecue sticks to grill. Shortly after the fiesta opened, we were out of food to sell, leading to frantic calls to members to bring more food pronto. From that experience we learned a lesson: better to prepare more food to sell to what seems like the constant longest line of customers to our booth!

All four of our kids were confirmed at San Antonio and four of our grandkids were baptized there as well.