Then & Now: Zlaket Family

Zlaket Family:

We moved to Anaheim Hills in 2006 when our son was 2 and our daughter 12. We were parishners at Holy Family at the time, and tried to make that drive to Mass every week, but occasionally running late (we had a 2 year old) we’d go to San Antonio…only a 3 minute drive. Every time we attended San Antonio the parish felt warm and inviting ~ we just didn’t know anyone!  We knew we would make it our home parish and also knew to love it we’d have to jump in and get involved! The first foray into involvement, Tina attended the Women’s Luncheon. While it was a lovely event, Kate MacGregor and Phyllis Fiorentino advised that Tina might enjoy the Mom’s Group better…but that she was welcome to come back in about 20 years! The San Antonio Mom’s Group was the first point of ‘jumping in’ which led to countless friendships and so much joy within our faith! While Tina was enjoying the SAM group, the SAM Bible Study and VBS, David lent his hands to the Fiesta and then joined the Knights…our daughter Gabi became involved in Youth Ministry and our son Roman started his journey with Religious Ed, soon to be an Altar Server ~ all programs the parish lovingly pours into. Indeed, San Antonio IS a warm parish built lovingly by those who planted roots here long ago. We are blessed to enjoy those fruits and hopefully can add our own thumbprint to the mix! We are chairing the Fiesta this year, and while a big task, we have witnessed that in sharing our time, talents and treasure, the rewards of friendships and community are a hundred fold!! Congratulations on 40 years and God Bless San Antonio through 40 more!!

David & Tina Zlaket and family
Parishioners since 2006