Then & Now: Scally/Carden Family

My previous husband and our two sons moved here from Chicago in 1984. Our residence was sort of between St. Norbert’s and San Antonio so we checked out St. Norbert’s first and the next Sunday we attended San Antonio. I was immediately taken with the blue carpeting which was the exact color of the carpeting in our home back in the Midwest! Besides that frivolous observation, it was apparent from the first few minutes that San Antonio was going to be our new home and that was confirmed when we received a phone call from Father Seamus a few days later telling us that he had never run into a Scally family in all his years in the U.S.! You see, his Mother was a Scally, Mary Josephine Scally, I think. Her name is on the donor wall in the church. There are actually family resemblances with my first husband’s family, in fact. I think the Holy Spirit had something to do with our landing at San Antonio!

Our early participation at San Antonio included my husband singing in the adult choir, my teaching 1st grade CCD for seven years and my youngest son playing the piano for Sunday 5:00 pm Mass while in high school at Servite. My oldest son played guitar at the same Mass.

Fast forward a few years and I met my current husband, Keith Carden. I was by his side as he went thru RCIA in 2002/2003 and we were married by Father Seamus and Deacon Doug in December of 2002. He is now a Fourth Degree Knight.

We have been back in Michigan where my family is for the past 11 years, only at our home in Anaheim in the winter. Our “snowbirds” sojourn is over now though and we are proud to call San Antonio our permanent second home!