Then & Now: McGowan Family

McGowan Family Envelope #103:

We were out of town for the first San Antonio mass at El Rancho Jr. High, as it was known back then. It was later referred to as Coyote Cathedral, or as I liked to call it, Our Lady of the Cafeteria. Having two teenage sons, they were interested in meeting other young Catholic kids their age. We asked Fr. Seamus if there was going to be a Teen Club. He told us to “go see that guy over there” who was Al Ogrodski. Al and Carol Ogrodski, Jack and Connie Williams, and my wife JoAnn and I became the first youth ministers.

Three years later the Teen Club morphed into the Youth Group, then the Youth Ministry Program. We worked the fiesta with the kids and started the “I Got It” booth having lots of fun while making the booth very successful.

Our son Daniel was one of the first altar servers. Years later JoAnn and I attended the first Cancer Support Group and we attended every meeting up until she left us this past May. Forty years sure goes by fast.