Then & Now: Rindt Family

Rindt Family

Klaus and I moved to Anaheim Hills in 1976 from Vancouver, British Columbia. A little while after arriving, I began to attend Mass at El Rancho Jr. High and also occasionally at St. Norbert in Orange. San Antonio became our home parish as soon as it opened. With finances for the church being tight—under the direction of Father Seamus—I worked with a group of women to keep the church clean during the first years. We dusted, vacuumed and cleaned windows. Anyone who knows me, can picture that now, right?!

Tom Bernatz approached me around 1986, to set up a German Booth at the annual church Fiesta. It was time to show the parish how we Germans partied! We pursued this new endeavor with passion and ambition. The prep and work was challenging, but the sense of community provided by friends and family was rewarding. I loved this work so much that I continued with the German favorites—tasty brats, sauerkraut, potato salad, and pretzels—for another 13 successful years.

As our grandchildren began their religious education formation at San Antonio, in the early 90’s, I looked forward to teaching their first elementary year classes. Having loved the experience, I continued teaching for eleven years. It was important for me to impress my love of Christ to young children, and I was especially grateful to have an opportunity to make a difference to my own grandchildren. I also enjoyed seeing many of my other students receive sacraments and grow in faith as they have continued in their lives.

I became a member of the parish council during the parish’s formative years. I remember that time with the other members—it was filled with excitement and the council mission was interesting as new trails were being blazed! Many additional years, for me, included involvement in other committees such as the Environmental Committee, the Liturgy Committee, the Hospitality Committee, and working as a Wedding Coordinator.

But, one of my most important blessings, as a parishioner, was when Klaus joined me more fully in the church and church activities. As he retired, in 2003, he began and completed RCIA classes and officially became “Catholic.” Since then, Klaus and I have both become active members of The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, a group that supports Christians in the Holy Land.

Klaus and I have found our Catholic faith to be an entirely vital and important part of our lives, as it has forged new paths in our journey as a married couple. We are so very grateful for our parish’s founding Father Seamus and Father Joe, Father John, Deacon Tom, Deacon Doug, and Deacon Paul, who all helped to make this community grow in love. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME, ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD!