Then & Now: Craine Family

Michael and Mary Ann Crain Family:

As a family my husband, myself, our toddler son, and infant daughter, moved to Anaheim Hills in the late 1970’s. We attended church at El Rancho Junior High while awaiting the building of San Antonio. I volunteered as a CCD teacher and CCD resource helper, with the beginning years having the children come to our home, and later at the church after the classrooms were built. Over several years, my husband and I had 57 foster children who also attended church with us. I can’t tell you how many times we were asked to take the items from the gift table to the altar with 4 young children in tow. Father Seamus spent many excellent years as the pastor during the formative years and beyond. We loved the sermons that Father Seamus and Deacon Doug gave. Their sense of humor and relating of the message made listening to the message especially memorable. We are now retired and went on the Israel Pilgrimage trip in December 2016 with Deacon Doug. A truly life altering event. We feel blessed to have had San Antonio de Padua as our Parish Church all these years with the remarkable people who were employed or volunteered to make it exceptional.