Then & Now: Yostantos Family

The Yostanto Family

Our journey started in August 1985 when we were moving from New York to California. Just about four months after we emigrated from Indonesia, we temporarily stayed at my sister’s house in Anaheim Hills. Sunday was approaching and we did not have a car nor had any knowledge to go around ourselves, so we asked my sister if she could drop us off at the nearest Catholic Church for Sunday Mass. She dropped us off at San Antonio de Padua del Cañon Catholic Church. Our first visit started with the amazing piano player during mass (I wish I knew his name, but at that time, we did not know anybody, so we did not ask). Immediately, we knew it was love at first “visit.”

We moved to our own place, small one bedroom in Anaheim to be closer to where my job was, but we still came to San Antonio over any closer parishes because we had really liked the Sunday Mass atmosphere. From Anaheim, we moved to Placentia, Chino Hills, and finally, settled down in Yorba Linda. The pattern here is that we had many chances to choose and settle with other parishes, but only one parish and community belonged in our hearts: San Antonio de Padua del Cañon.

San Antonio de Padua had always been a welcoming community starting with Fr. Seamus, Deacon Doug, and the close friends we have made along the way. As San Antonio grew as a parish and community, so did our family with our first child (Jeff) born in 1991, and our second (Jay) in 1994. Jeff was baptized by Deacon Doug, and Jay by Fr. Seamus. We were asked, when our sons were being baptized, why we didn’t register with closer parishes, and our answer was simple, “San Antonio is our home, and there is no other parish like it.” Along the way, our boys ended up in CCD, Youth Ministry, went through confirmation in San Antonio and involved in SALT afterwards.

Johannes and I got involved more when we were asked to be the Fiesta Co-Chairman by the Richens family. We were the Co-Chairman for Fiesta 2004 and 2005 then Fiesta Chairman in 2006 and 2007. Those four years, made us grow to love San Antonio, Fr. Seamus, Deacon Doug, and the community even more. It was a memorable time that we will cherish forever.

Now, Fr. Seamus is retired and our clergy might have changed here and there, but one thing is for certain, we are so blessed to be part of San Antonio’s Parish community and want to stay with San Antonio no matter what. We are the Church. Currently, we are involved in so many different ministries at San Antonio de Padua. My hope is that the parish will continue its tradition of being a welcoming one and our values of being a great parish continue with our sons and future generations. We love San Antonio and I hope you do too!

Love, Lydia, Johannes, Jeff and Jay Yostanto.  And NOW…..