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Teen's NameBirth Date:Grade EnteringT-shirt Size:
Tim Cirata03/06/20067th GradeS
Tim Cirata03/06/20067th GradeS
Elizabeth Ha08/30/200012th GradeS
Katrina Galaway05/08/20049th GradeS
Ellana Jane Barranco03/15/20067th GradeYM
Natalie Galaway06/18/20076th GradeYS
Sage Sebastianelli03/27/20076th GradeYL
Natalie Galaway06/18/20076th GradeYS
Ben Nguyen07/29/20059th GradeS
Gianni Mayorga05/02/20067th GradeS
Katie Newman07/28/20067th GradeS
Amery Thompson05/10/20067th GradeYL
John Carlson04/04/20067th GradeS
Katie Thomas10/02/20039th GradeM
Alexis Medina02/20/20059th GradeYL
Claire Lemus05/21/20049th GradeS


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Adult Volunteer NameBirth Date:T-Shirt Size:
James Fabera07/30/1962L
Casey Fair05/05/1979M


There are no Entries to View.

The Nursery is open to Parents who are volunteering
and is available during their volunteer hours.